Heated plyers bottle opener

The Pop Cork : «Don’t fight with the Cork… Just cut the bottle neck»

Beyond its unique design, the “Pop Cork” plyers integrates in one element the heating system and a support to heat the plyer. This patented concept offers an unequalled comfort of use in the opening of wine bottles.

One of the weak points of a bottle of wine over time, is its cork.

After several dozen years of aging, it will begin to deteriorate due to contact with the constant humidity it receives, and possible defects in the cork. In addition, certain sweet wines and so-called “fortified” wines, such as Ports or Madeira, have higher alcohol and sugar levels. This also contributes to damage the cork.

The extraction of the cork of a 30, 50, or even 100 year-old bottle of wine is therefore an often risky and complicated business. With a conventional corkscrew, the cork can crumble or break which will cause (cork) particles to fall into the wine. One solution is to filter the wine with a decanter, BUT very old wines are often fragile and cannot always withstand sudden exposure to air or be decanted. Some wines should be served straight from the bottle to the glass, in order to limit aeration.

Port is one of the wines with the greatest aging capacity, and high quality bottles can be stored and drunk after 100 years. In order to make sure the bottles were opened safely, Port winemakers imagined, several centuries ago, to cut the neck under the cork instead of extracting it.

To do this, iron plyers called “port tong” were applied red-hot for a few tens of seconds around the neck to heat it. The heated area was then immediately cooled down with cold water, thus creating a sudden thermal shock that broke the neck instantly.

But nowadays, this tradition has become more difficult to implement : you have to use a gas or campground stove, which is neither very comfortable nor aesthetic.



We have therefore imagined an elegant device that allows all this age-old ritual to be easily and safely performed, making the process accessible to all. This device called “The Pop Cork” holds the plyers in position for the few minutes necessary until they turn red-hot. Its modern design also dresses the burner.

The lacquered steel clamp and support is entirely designed and manufactured in France and its concept has been patented.

Why choose The Pop Cork :


  • Opens any bottle of wine without touching/damaging the cork
  • Secures the heating up of the gripper : keeping it stable and in position
  • For its modern design with customizable color on request.


Are you interested in our plyers?

Stand + plyers + gas burner (gas cartridge not included). Due to the customization of the color, a manufacturing delay is necessary.

Unique price of 399 € VAT included.